Useful Information Concerning Bookings

Hello and thank you for your interest in booking me!
Before contacting, please take in consideration this information.

My Current Goal
Getting Published.

Makeup & Hair
I, myself, can do my own makeup and hair. However, I truly only have a minimal knowledge and cannot be expected to do anything complicated or very well done. Let's just say I can barely do a smokey eye or a braid. That is why, if you wish to work with me, I truly recommend you find a team to make your whole look come to life. When working on a collaboration, a Makeup Artist is mandatory.


In terms of Styling, I have a pretty large wardrobe. Most outfits, though, have already been worn at a shoot and if not yet, it will be re-used at some point for a project.  Therefore, if you are looking for a unique or complexe look, I recommend hiring a stylist or designer.

My Rates

My rates are usually completely negotiable and often vary depending on the project and your budget. When contacting me, I suggest you offer me a price that you are comfortable with paying but also what you believe you should be paying for my work. Please note that all shoots must be a MINIMUM of 3 hours if my travel time is of an hour or more.

I am located in the West Island of Montreal, but can travel often to the city core.
I also travel to Toronto 2-3 times throughout the year.

Long Distance Travelling 

I am open to travelling long distances if all expenses are paid (travel, hotel, food)
In some cases, I will consider travel expenses as payments.
I require a minimum of 2 references when travelling very far.

If you have to cancel I am usually very understanding, however, please try advise me 48 hours prior to the shoot. This way I can try to find a replacement and it is really just common courtesy.

When travelling abroad, I demand a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total payment prior to shooting. This is for the obvious reason that I cannot afford to be cancelled on last minute. 
Personal Appearance

I am a petite model with a height of 5'5'', however, I am fortunate to have long legs that give the appearance of that extra missing height! I have light tan skin and a fair complexion. In terms of body modifications, I have a faint scar on my  right shoulder and I also currently have my tragus (ear) pierced.

  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 112lbs
  • Bust: 32''
  • Cup: C
  • Waist: 26''
  • Hip: 368''
  • Shoe Size: 6.5
  • Size: Small
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